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Downloading Returned Cheque Advices Print

Log in from the User Token.

Step 1: Click on the Enquire Tab on the top Menu

  • Click on Cheque Enquiry >> Returned Cheque E-Advice option on the left side menu
  • Select the Account number, from date and to date from the dropdown and click on Submit
  • You can also narrow down its searches by entering the cheque no., amount range and routing number.
  • You can download a Returned Cheque Advice for the past six months

Step 2: Below is a sample of the Returned Cheque E-Advice where the following details are reflected:

  • Account Number
  • Cheque Number
  • Cheque Date
  • Amount
  • Drawee Bank
  • Branch
  • Return Reason
  • Cheque Image

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