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Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Beneficiary Addition for VAT Payments Print

First, you will need to get your GIBAN by following the steps below:

  • Log in to the FTA website

  • Refer to the Tab – DASHBOARD
  • Note: The highlighted details are for illustration purposes, and every entity registered under FTA will have a unique GIBAN required for online VAT payments through UAEFTS.

Once you have your GIBAN and Invoice Number from FTA, you can follow the steps below to register your beneficiary for VAT Payments.

Step 1 – Beneficiary Addition

  1. Log in to iBusiness
  2. Go to Transact- Beneficiary Maintenance
  3. Click Add Beneficiary
  4. Select Transaction Type
  5. Click CBD domestic transfer Beneficiary
  6. Click Add Beneficiary
  7. Beneficiary Info - Select Company
  8. Beneficiary Name1 - TRN (15 Digits No) FTA
  9. Nick Name – Company Name ( 10 Digits only)
  10. Account # / IBAN – 23 digits GIBAN as mentioned on the FTA website
  11. Click on Validate IBAN/BIC Search
  12. Once the IBAN is validated, the Bene Bank details will be updated as shown below.,
  13. Click on Submit >> Enter the PIN+RSA token and Hit submit >> Submit the form with all the details.

Note: Please note that the beneficiary registration may or may not require authorization and depends on the arrangements done by the iBusiness System Administrator of the respective organization.

Once the beneficiary is registered, go to the following article below to initiate the VAT Payment:

How to Initiate a VAT Payment to FTA (Federal Tax Authority)

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