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Updating Your Authorization Type Print

**This step is applicable for Transaction Package only** 

Authorization Type can be categorized into Sequential and Non-Sequential.

  • Sequential - For workflows that require pre-approval before the final approver signs off. 
  • Non-Sequential or Parallel - In a parallel approval workflow, multiple persons are required to approve. Each person's approval is independent of all other approvers.

Log in using your administrator token and follow the below step-by-step procedure:

  • Step 1:  Click on Services
  • Step 2:  Click Customer Profile and Modify

  • Step 3: Select the Authorization Type from the dropdown.

  • Step 4: Click Submit and Confirm
    • You will be navigated to the confirmation screen with the generated reference number.

Congratulations! You have now completed your iBusiness Profile setup and you can now start with your Transactions.

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