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How to Check the Status of a Letter of Credit (LC) Shipping Guarantee? Print

To check the status of the Shipping Guarantee for the Letter of Credit (LC), follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate the Pending SG (Shipping Guarantee) 

  • Click on Trade Services >> Shipping Guarantee >> Pending SGs >> Search
  • If the page reads "No Records Found" it indicates that there is no pending SHG guarantee 
  • If there are pending SHG guarantees they will be reflected

Step 2: Check the list of completed SHG Requests

  • Click on "SG Inquiry"
  • Select "Search"  all the completed SHG requests will be reflected then select the particular "System Id" to download the debit advice if required
  • Also note : Original SHG has to be collected from the Branch.

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