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How to Unlock the Administrator? Print

In case the corporate admin is locked due to invalid attempts, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Unlock Admin User

Step 3: Input/Select the required details

  • Enter the iBusiness User ID
  • Select the token type: Physical Token (Hard Token) or Digital Token (Soft Token)
    • For Physical Token - Enter the 9 Digit Token Serial Number
    • For Digital Token - Enter the Binding ID from RSA
  • Enter the registered email address of the particular user
  • Click on Unlock

Step 4: Enter the OTP (One-Time Password)

  • The system will send an OTP to the mobile number and email address of the admin which is to be entered into the page for validation. 
  • OTP is valid for 2 mins only. In case the OTP expires, a new OTP can be requested by clicking on “Resend the code”.

Step 5: Click on Submit

  • A confirmation page will be displayed confirming the corporate admin unlocked.

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