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How to Respond to Queries for the bank on a Letter of Credit (LC) Application or Amendment? Print

To check and respond to queries from the bank regarding LC application or amendments, follow these steps: 

Step 1:  Click on "Recent Notifications from Bank (click on the System ID)" on the home page or click on "HOME" Select "System ID" to open query received from the bank

Step 2: Respond to query

  • Select the appropriate "System ID," then click on "Initiate a correspondence message to the Bank"
  • Click on "Message type" then choose "correspondence"

  • Click on "Free Format Message," then provide all requested information using the "Add a file" to attach any files if required

  • Click on "Submit" once the request is processed then LC application or LC amendment copies and debit advice will be available under "LC  Inquiry" to download

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