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How to Apply for a Letter of Credit (LC)? Print

To apply for a Letter of Credit (LC), follow these steps:

Step 1: To locate the Letter of Credit (LC) Application Form on iTrade

  • Click on Trade Services >> Import Letter of Credit >> LC Initiation

Step 2: Select one of the options

  • From Scratch - most recommended 
  • Free Format - for customers who have an LC customized format requested by their supplier

  • From Template - to re-use a pre-saved LC format template

  • Copy from LC - copy from a previous LC format

  • Back to Back LC - to create an LC from an Import LC that you are the beneficiary of

  • Draft Transactions - for saving draft transactions to verify and review before sending later

Step 3: Fill out your LC Form

  • Fill out all of the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk " * "
  • Include or attach any other relevant information
  • Only select the checkbox for "Request for LC draft" if an LC Draft is required
  • If you want to save this form as a template for future use, please select "Save as Template
  • Once completed, click "Submit"


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